Refinery - Petroleum

Turnaround Capabilities

During a plant shutdown, there is zero time to waste. Every minute may be costing tens of thousands of dollars. We help organizations accomplish their turnaround goals by effectively working with maintenance planning and timely executing the goals management has layed out for the team.

Turnaround and project services. When time is of the essence, we make it happen!


  • Palletize gaskets, studs, and lubrication prior to shipment
  • Labeled by: equipment number, stock number, or work order


  • Turnaround gasket trailers


  • Soft and metal gasket emergency fabrication
  • Turnkey expansion joint installation services


  • Subject matter expert available 24/7
  • Troubleshooting and field support available 24/7
  • Flange measurements for heat exchangers


  • Chemical drain hoses
  • Hose testing
  • Preturnaround training

Value-Added Services

Reduce the total cost of ownership with our creative ideas.

We offer technical support, product application analysis and recommendations, field audits and surveys, product training, installation techniques and failure analysis. Our sales team is here to help satisfy all your application requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner while maintaining the reliability and safety of your equipment and personnel.

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Inventory Management

We know our customers work hard to generate demand for their amazing products and we take responsibility for keeping a steady supply of products and materials ready at a moment’s notice. We utilize a unique mix of logistics strategies to ensure our customers receive their material on time and in the best possible condition. Whether we are converting raw materials into usable products or shipping materials directly from our vendors to your facility. Working with global logistics firms we can offer the best pricing and JIT strategies to ensure that products arrive at the time requested.

We are your solution to lower inventory and purchasing costs. We can supply the "just in time" inventory that you need to keep you running. Whether you are looking for products with the lowest initial cost, or the lowest total cost of ownership, or somewhere in between -GETPRO has the options you need.